100% Natural BCP Hemp Oil

At Cannology, we have a commitment to quality. All of our products are certified organic, non GMO and food grade.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant compounds that are derived from hemp and other plants. Different strains of hemp contain different terpenes, which give them their unique health benefits and properties.

Terpenes are becoming more popular in Australia due to them being known as a legal, effective, and affordable alternative to prescription hemp oil. Both terpenes and particular prescription hemp oils interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating functions such as pain, hormonal balance, digestion, inflammation, and more.


Sometimes the body needs help to produce additional endocannabinoids which can cause issues with regulating other systems in your body. Terpenes can be used to help the body with the production of endocannabinoids.


You can't fail a drug test while using terpenes, which makes them a popular choice for men and women that are tested regularly for work, or jobs that involve driving.


Why Cannology?

Cannology was the first company in Australia to popularise Beta-Caryophyllene and other terpenes for therapeutic use. Since conception in 2018, many brands have attempted to compete with us. However, they have been unable to uphold the same level of quality and service that Cannology is honoured to be able to provide for its customers.

It has come to our attention that some brands use terpenes that are made in China, which is very unfortunate as terpenes from China are proven to be dangerous for human consumption. Terpenes from China are NOT therapeutic grade and they use unsafe extraction methods involving toxic chemicals. Some brands even 'claim' that their terpenes are safe to consume when we find out upon analysis that they are actually Chinese terpenes, and we can't do anything about these misleading brands which continue to sell tainted products to this day.

Cannology terpenes are made in the USA in GMP-certified facilities using steam distillation which is the safest and purest way to extract terpenes from botanical sources. We continue to pride ourselves in being able to provide the best quality terpenes in Australia, and we promise to uphold this standard forever.

Thousands of Happy Customers

So far, we've helped thousands Aussies experience the natural benefits of BCP hemp oil. 

After suffering with pain in lower back and hip I purchased cannamax plus my pain was gone within 3 hours of my first dose. I would highly recommend this oil to anyone that has pain in any of your joints. My wife and I both use cannamax plus and have benefited greatly. We both are amazed at the quality of life that has been restored.


I have worked in Mental Health situations for over 50 years but I have not come across a substance with such immediate and varied effects and no side effects, I am still learning about the full capabilities of it. The feedback has been very positive and similar in relation to power and efficacy. If only the medications which are used in mainstream Psychiatry could claim a small portion of what I have seen so for with this product, we would be dong a great service.


Our daughter has autism and as a result has a lot of anxiety that surrounds that diagnosis . this oil has been our biggest success we have previously tried a lot of the typical therapy solutions like drinking cold water and squeezing her hands all of which are limitied in being effective. she now has this oil once a day and the things that made her worried or triggered her anxiety are now a lot faster to deal with . she still has moments of anxiety but they are less then they were making her more manageable and we are finally having better days at school and at home.


I’ve got severe anxiety and arthritis.. some days I’m bedridden from my arthritis and unable to move for days.. my anxiety was so bad I was unable to go to the local supermarket without having a severe anxiety meltdown. I was on lots of different pain meds nearly every day just to be able to make walking bearable. Once the oil was in my system I was a totally new and different person! I no longer live on pain relief and I now go to the supermarket 98% of the time anxiety free thanks to the oil... I also have endometriosis and since starting the oil have only had 1 flare up! My mum also swears by this oil and we have got our quality of life back thanks to this product! Thank you for bringing this product into our lives! 💙🦋💜🦋💙