Frequently Asked Questions

About The Product

What is BCP oil?

BCP (aka Beta-Caryophyllene) is a terpene that is present in various plants within nature such as hemp, black pepper, cloves, and copaiba. What are terpenes, you may ask? Terpenes are organic compounds that give each flower, herb and fruit its own unique scent and flavour. Beyond this, terpenes have shown to have fantastic health benefits such as anti-inflammation, pain relief, mood regulation, etc...

Dosage Info

Instructions including dosage can be found on the product page of your item. Click here for Cannamax Plus Click here for Cannamax Plus (with hemp)

What are the benefits of BCP oil?

Although benefits and results can vary from person to person, studies show that Beta-Caryophyllene oil can be a highly effective anti-arthritic, analgesic, and mood regulating substance. Most people use BCP oil to treat arthritis, anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.

Where are your products made, bottled, and distributed from?

Country of origin Beta-Caryophyllene oil - Made in USA Hemp seed oil - Made in Australia Packaging - Made in China Bottling and distrubution All Cannology products are bottled, packaged, and distributed from Brisbane, Australia

Where can I purchase your products?

You can purcahse our products from our online store here or you can visit one of our stockists which are listed here.

Is it legal in Australia?

Yes, BCP oil is 100% legal to purchase and consume under the basis that it is classified as a terpene by the therapeutic goods administration. Read the snippet below from the official scheduling of the product by the TGA: "A submission raised the issue of Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) being a cannabinoid from their perspective and hence affecting the scheduling of this substance. Research by the secretariat has confirmed that Beta-Caryophyllene is a terpene that is a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2) and for the purposes of this scheduling entry, the delegate does not define BCP as a cannabinoid."

Will your products show up in a drug test?

No. Our products do not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant that is detected during drug tests.

Do your products have any side effects?

No, our products do not have any known side effects when taken sublingually or topically according to directions for use.

Is it safe to consume?

Yes, our products are certified food grade, organic, and non GMO.

Is it possible to experience a 'high' from your products?

No, absolutely not. Our products are completely free of THC, so you will not experience a high when using our products.

Is BCP oil safe for children?

Yes, BCP oil is safe for use with children aged 12 and above.

Does BCP oil clash with other medication?

No, BCP oil is very safe and is not known to clash or interact with any other medication.

Can you use it on pets?

There is limited research on the effects of BCP on individal pets and animals, however most research that proves the efficiency of beta-caryophyllene is actually conducted on rats. Cannology products are designed for human consumption, however you may choose to administer our products on your pets and animals at your own discretion.


How long will my product take to arrive?

We ship express with Australia post. Generally, your product will arrive within 1-2 business days after you receive tracking confirmation via email. NOTE: If you live in a rural area, please allow an extra 1-3 business days for postage.

Will I receive tracking updates via email?

Yes, all orders are tracked and you will receive tracking updates via the email address that you submitted during checkout.

I need to speak to someone about my order, who do I contact?

If your order has already been shipped, check the tracking number that you received via email. If your parcel is lost or missing, please contact Aus Post. If your order has NOT yet been shipped, please email us at and we will be happy to help.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept credit card payments. All payments are processed securely through Square.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we can only offer returns / refunds on product that are damaged or leak during shipping.

Any open products are inneligible for a return except in cases that meet criteria laid out within the ACCC guidelines.

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